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Understanding how our nutritional choices and habits affect our overall well-being offers an opportunity to improve our mental and physical health. Applying this knowledge can provide a new beginning to those who are burdened with bw logoanxiety and haven’t a clue why.

Thanks to Dr. Stephanie Seneff, Senior Research Scientist at MIT, we are gaining insight into the reasons for some of this anxiety. The culprit – glyphosate; an insidious substance permeating our food supply. This revelation shows us these problems can be fixed and, more importantly, that they are not our fault!

Learn about glyphosate

You feel your life is no more stressful than someone you know. Yet, they are not suffering from bouts of anxiety as you do. You can’t find lasting relief from medications or fear you may become addicted or dependent on the medications. You’ve heard that yoga helps but you can’t find the time.

Your true freedom from anxiety begins with a review of your exposure to the culprit, and what harm that exposure has done in your body. You’ll use your new knowledge to establish a plan to greatly reduce your exposure to the culprit and begin reversing its effects, i.e. anxiety in your body.

Our Better Wisdom series will help you to identify and dissolve the causes of your anxiety and other health problems.

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