Ask yourself these questions:

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Do you shy away from meeting new people?

Do you try to avoid entering a room where there are other people because you feel like they are staring at you?

Do you try to be invisible in social situations?

Have you made the excuse that shyness runs in your family but secretly you wish you didn’t feel that way?

Has your anxiety been limiting your freedom?

Do you wish you no longer have to put up with these feelings but you just don’t know what else to do?

What if you could start changing these feelings today?

New understandings about how what we eat can affect our mental health has shone a light on this condition. No matter how long you’ve felt this way, there’s hope.

Chances are in your lifetime you have consumed foods that have been bathed with a substance called glyphosate. This chemical is used to treat much of the food grown in the U.S, today.

This chemical robs you of your natural ability to produce vital neurotransmitters that allow you to be calm and confident in social situations. Simply adding a daily capsule of serotonin producing probiotics, (1.1 billion cfu) to your diet can help provide the relief you deserve!