Does Coconut Oil Work in Treating Alzheimer’s?

By now you may have seen the account of Dr. Mary Newport whose husband got early on set Alzheimer’s at age 45. Incredibly, he recovered within a week of adding coconut oil to his diet daily.

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The dietary interventions in both preventing and treating Alzheimer’s shows great promise. Dr NewportThere are many documented success stories that show us there is real promise in this therapy.

So why would we need to wait for big pharma to come out with drugs, most likely with side effects, that will supposedly mimic the same effects we already see with common coconut oil?

 The Failure of Big Pharma in Treating Alzheimer’s Disease

If we look at Alzheimer’s Disease as a type 3 diabetes and an insulin resistance problem, Coconut Oil makes sense. It is known as a rich source of Ketone energy thus supplying an alternate form of energy to the brain. Interestingly, pharmaceutical companies are currently trying to develop drugs that mimic the same ketone effect that can be achieved through a high-fat diet.

I should make it clear that not everyone who tries coconut oil with dementia or Alzheimer’s sees the same results as reported in these testimonials. Coconut oil does seem to be more effective in those who do not have advanced stages of Alzheimer’s and are still in the earlier stages, although we have seen a few testimonials for late-stage Alzheimer’s as well.

So far, it is a fact that Alzheimer’s drugs have been a huge failure.  In fact, in Dr. Stephanie Seneff’s published research, 2011 is shown how low-fat-diets and statins may cause Alzheimer’s Disease!

They point to several studies that show that there is a lack of cholesterol in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients which is so vital for several functions.  Also note that other studies show this cholesterol deficiency in dementia and Parkinson’s disease as well. In contrast, high cholesterol levels are positively correlated with longevity in people over 85 years old, and in some cases has been shown to be associated with better memory function and reduced dementia.

In 2012, another study looked at the effects of statin cholesterol-lowering drugs on Alzheimer’s patients. The patients in the study had their statin medication stopped for six weeks, and then restarted. The results showed that during the six weeks when their statins were stopped, the basic brain function of the individuals improved. When the drugs were restarted, brain function got worse again.  (Am J Geriatr Pharmacother. 2012; 10:296–302) Published by Elsevier HS Journals, Inc.

The anecdotal evidence of the success in stopping, and even reversing Alzheimer’s in some people using coconut oil is so remarkable, that it is silly to discount what this simple dietary oil can do.

People all across America and around the world are not waiting for the results of research trials. Many people with Alzheimer’s Disease are seeing such great results and huge improvements and full reversal in some cases after starting coconut oil.  A partial list of testimonials read:

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In this eBook – A Holistic Guide to Geriatric Care, the authors look at the problems and causes of Alzheimer’s and bring the stories of 10 different families who saw Alzheimer’s lessened or reversed by adding coconut oil to their diet which is representative of thousands of others who are experiencing similar results. Guidelines on usage and types of coconut oil to consider as well as other non-drug tips for holistic geriatric care.

How Much Coconut Oil To Eat?

Many people report therapeutic amounts of 3 tablespoons a day, although even that amount is probably too much for most people to start. Begin with smaller amounts such as a teaspoon at a time mixed in with other foods like over oat meal, on bread, melted and drizzled into smoothie.

As to the type of coconut oil to eat, virgin coconut oil is best being least processed. It’s unnecessary to purchase organic since it would be rare to apply pesticides onto coconut trees in the tropics. However, even refined coconut oil has the same medium chain fatty acids which are responsible for the ketogenic effect. It is cheaper and just as good!  Both are available in our office and online Holistic Health Store at