New advancements in medicine is making in possible for doctors to prescribe medicines more suited to our individual body chemistry.

Finding a match between a patients specific chemistry and a medication can mean fewer side effects and more effective treatments. This can be especially important when dealing with patients who require medications to address mental health concerns.

Getting the right mental health drug to the right patient has two primary benefits for patients, their families, and healthcare providers:

  • Reduces the harm that is caused by mental health drugs that are either not effective or are likely to cause serious adverse events based on an individual patient’s genetic makeup
  • Improves the effectiveness of mental health drugs when the most effective drug is selected and prescribed based on an individual patient’s genetic makeup.

Understanding and taking advantage of these genetic matches improves safety, outcomes, and costs.

Our office is now offering testing through GeneSight to determine the medications best suited to your specific genetic makeup to best address your health concerns. You can learn more on GeneSight’s website.

Contact the office at 717-303-0505 to schedule an appointment to discuss if this is the right option for you.