Specialty Counseling and Services

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We offer specialized services unavailable in many practices. Our ability to present our patients with these additional options lets us match the best treatment to the exact need of the patient. Families, couples, and individuals can receive the approach that is best for their challenges.

Every situation is unique, making it impossible to use generic treatments to create improvement. Our training and counseling approaches are adjusted to meet those special needs.

Dr. Janiece C Andrews

Prenatal Anxiety

Many expectant mothers struggle with thoughts and concerns that can lead to anxiety.

We can help you lessen anxiety so you can enjoy this precious time in your life.

Self-Hypnosis and EFT Training

Let us teach you how these techniques are used to lessen anxiety and deal with various emotional concerns.

Christian Marriage Counseling

Faith plays a large role in the lives of many people. Working with a counselor who understands the importance of faith in a marriage can be a pivotal ingredient to success in improving a Christian marriage.