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A Twist on the EAPDP

The EAP was designed to help students avoid college debt. However, the program can be a model for helping parents, or any adult, a method for building their income AND helping college students build a solid financial future.

Collaborating to employ college bound students is an obligation we should all honor, to insure that our children have proof of income to assume student–loan debt—They need to graduate from college debt free, and well capitalized to afford to begin adult life! Student–loan debts have been the biggest threat to the middle class, and is known to have pushed retirees into foreclosure—Student loan debt is turning the American dream into an American nightmare! “We‘re obligated to fix the problem by collaborating to employ college bound students, and end the current retreat into poverty!”

Consequently, I will be honored, if you joined me in hiring our College Students in 2017, to work as entrepreneurialapprentices—to do an Affiliate Marketing program and earn the money to pay their college tuition and other student expenses. The objectives of the program are: (a) to teach college-bound students how to earn a market-based income, and (b) to facilitate their psychosocial and civic leadership developments.

The benefits to you for hiring these students are enormous. You would be building a market niche for your products or services, at no real expense to you. “You will only pay these students on a referral fee basis for sales that they create from advertising“. Go to the website below, see what is the EAPDP, how it works, and then get back to me. Parents could become employers of their children by setting up family Internet marketing businesses.

Visit the What is the EAPDP page to learn more about the program and complete the application to get started!

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