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Student Debt Is Paid By The EAPDP – Breathing New Life To College Education

Student loan debt is seriously stressful and it is wreaking great psychological effects on the student-loan college graduate. 60 percent of respondents to a survey of more than1,000 student loan borrowers reported that their student loan-debt worries are spiraling out of control! 70 percent of them reported suffering from headaches, insomnia, anxiety and social isolation. Student loan-induced stress is threatening to take over the lives of borrowers by eroding their effectiveness.

People Are Losing Sleep Over Their Student Loan Debt

Having physical symptoms of anxiety due to the stress from their student loan debt lowers the quality of life due to: Poor job performance Increased risk of poor self-esteem, and increased risk of mental health disorders. People are experiencing physical symptoms from their stress Headaches (71.5 percent), Muscle tension (55.9 percent), Upset stomach (50 percent). Other symptoms include rapid heartbeat, tremors, fatigue, and shortness of breath.

After observing these unfortunate impacts of student loan debts on the physical and emotional health of college graduates, their children and families, Fred Andrews and I co-created the Personal Development Program that was conducted in select Dade County-South Florida Public Schools, which emphasized development of Healthy Self Esteem, Communication Skills, Conflict Resolution Personal Accountability and Entrepreneurialship. This system helps the youngest student learn how to earn credit and prevent debt, by creating a market-based income. That Entrepreneurial Apprenticeship Program, (EAPDP), has arrived, and is a breath of life solution that works well for every family!

I am a Child and Adult Psychiatrist, and a professional psycho-social service provider for more than forty years–I am more likely to be closer to the end of my life than the beginning, and I want to provide a psycho-social solution of lasting value to society, and I am offering every student and family the EAPDP! The EAPDP may be done in personal workshops or virtually–Click here to apply.


Dr. Andrews

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