Hello there. It’s once again the time of year when we all want to know how to remain healthy in the season of the various respiratory and other illnesses.

Each new flu season there are conflicting news reports about the best way to prevent and treat the flu. It’s not surprising many of us just don’t know what to do to best protect ourselves and family. The most popular question asked of doctors at this time of year is, “Should I get the flu shot?”.  woman with flu

I’ll preface my response by saying this is a very personal decision. The debate still rages on regarding the risks and benefits of flu vaccines. Being an informed patient is the most important part of deciding whether or not a flu vaccine is your best choice.

I’m going to help by laying out some facts and dispelling some of the fiction that you are hearing in the news and rumor mills.

On the one hand, it’s thought that people who get vaccinated will have less chance of getting sick during the winter.

The opposing argument is that most people get sick from germs other than the influenza virus. Furthermore, the strains of influenza in the vaccine are not always the same ones in your area when the flu season strikes. This mismatch of specific flu strain means the flu shot may not provide any boost to your immunity.

There are possible risks associated with this vaccine. You should always consult your doctor before getting the flu shot, especially if you have had allergic reactions to any of the components that comprise the vaccination solution.

Remember, colds and flu are the result of a viral assault on an impaired immune system. A number of factors influence your immune function. There are effective all natural cold and flu treatments, including zinc, green tea, vitamin C, mushrooms, chicken soup and much more.

To help you fight against this year’s cold and flu strains, I’ve gathered some useful information on natural ways to boost your immunity. These remedies and methods have stood the test of time and shown consistent benefits for our overall health. This includes options such as the use of botanicals to boost your natural immunity without the risks of reactions that could harm you.   Schedule a nutritional consultation to learn more about how botanicals can improve your health!

Dietary Tips to Help You Kick a Cold or the Flu


  • Avoid sugars, sweeteners, and processed foods. – Sugar is quite damaging to your immune system and suppresses it at a time when you really need to ramp it up.
  •  Take your Vitamin C. – Vitamin C enhances the immune system’s ability to fight infections of many kinds. Vitamin C aids in the prevention of influenza. It also shortens the duration and severity of infections we have already contracted.  Those of you who know how to do muscle testing can arrive at the dose that’s best for you.  I recommend as a rule of thumb 1000 mg a day of Isotonix or Ester C.
  • Get more Zinc. – Zinc plays an important role in maintaining a healthy immune system. Low levels of zinc are associated with low levels of T cells that help to fight infections. Taken on the first day of symptoms, 50 to 65 mg can shorten the course of the infection.
  • Drink your Water. – Make sure to drink plenty of pure water because is essential for the optimal function of every system in your body and keeps you hydrated.
  • Eat chicken soup. – It’s true, chicken soup can help fight your cold or flu. – Chicken contains a natural amino acid called cysteine that helps loosen mucus. Fresh chicken soup is better than canned soup. Making it spicy also helps bump up the release respiratory mucus.
  • Make it mushroom time. –  Whatever variety you prefer, shiitake, oyster, enoki, reishi ganoderma lucidum (found in Organo Gold tea and coffees we serve in our office). Mushrooms are a huge immune booster and are full of antioxidants.  

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  • Become friends with Beta Glucans. – Beta Glucans naturally boost the immune system by optimizing its response to diseases and infections and are crucial weapons in the fight to stay healthy. The substances are known to bind to tumors or viruses and release chemicals to destroy it. Isotonix IMMUNE is a good supplement to consider for getting enough Beta Glucans. 
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  • Try Oregano oils. – These oils are used by many people to knock the wind out of colds and flu. Six drops three times a day in capsules also act like a weed killer in the body eliminating bad bacteria battling your digestive system. Effective and very potent available in 100% pure Origanum vulgare and Origanum compactum.  

    Curious about essential oils?

    Essential oils have a myriad of health benefits. The can reduce stress, ease anxiety, and help build your immune system. If you’d like to learn more about the types of oils, their use, and benefits to your health we can help. Call the office at 717-303-0505 or email us at info@pepsolutions.com
  • Consume friendly bacteria. – Beneficial probiotics colonize our intestinal, lower urinary and upper respiratory tracts. They outcompete bad bugs and enhance immune function. They also reduce the risk of antibiotic induced diarrhea. I recommend what I believe to be the best most reliable brand, SYNERGY. 
  • Increase your Vitamin D3 intake. – Vitamin D3 plays a number of roles in promoting normal immune function. There is mounting evidence in support of vitamin D3 as a potent cold and flu prevention strategy. A deficiency correlates with asthma, cancer, multiple sclerosis, autoimmune diseases and carrying MRSA in the nose.
  • Drink more Green Tea. – Green tea is a healthful beverage choice during flu season because it contains antiviral components that may be helpful against flu infection. A study with school children suggests that the consumption of 1 to 5 cups per day of green tea may prevent influenza infection in children. Organo Gold green tea provides and extra boost as it also contains reishi mushroom!
  • Add Ginger to your diet. – Ginger contains chemicals called sesquiterpenes that specifically target rhinoviruses, the common family of cold viruses. It also helps to suppress coughing and is a natural pain and fever reducer. Its mild sedative properties can help you rest when you are sick.

Dietary changes aren’t the only important steps to building your immune system and fighting winter illnesses. Here are some lifestyle topics you should consider.

Lifestyle Tactics for Avoiding Colds and Flus

  • Move your body. – Doing moderate exercise which discharges tension and stress and enhances immune function. Don’t overdo it though; moderate intensity is sufficient
  • Get adequate sleep. – During sleep is when growth promoting and reparative hormones knit the ravels of daily life. In fact, if you aren’t getting enough sleep or restorative sleep you’ll be at increased risk for a hostile viral takeover. Sleep deprivation activates the chemicals that cause you to feel ill and raises the risk of contracting the common cold.
  • Stress less. – Chronic stress makes you more vulnerable to illness, colds and even serious diseases. Continual stress exposes the body to a steady flow of stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline that suppress the immune system. A useful exercise is to belly breathe and focus on letting go, letting go, to reduce your stress.
  • Find your healthy weight. – To improve your health and support your immune system, I recommend you adopt lifestyle changes to shed any extra pounds. Being overweight increases the likelihood that you may develop diabetes, cancer and/or heart disease.

I trust you will find this information helpful to your enjoyment of all seasons in good health!