Nuku Hiva


Processed foods are everywhere, but just because something is easy to grab doesn’t mean it builds a healthy you. Your body does the best it can with the foods you feed it, but think how you would thrive if you gave your body the nutrients, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and phyto-nutrients it craves.  Imagine what a daily dose of whole food goodness would do for you.

NUKU HIVA™ is sourced from the most nutrient-rich fruits on the earth. It provides whole-food phytonutrient compounds that take “super foods” to a whole new level.


The time-honored health benefits of noni combine with a revolutionary pasteurization technique to bring you the healthiest, best-tasting nutritional supplement in the world. Nuku Hiva is a unique formula of noni that combines ancient wisdom and science to enhance the body’s immunity and overall health.