Magnesium Prills


Supremely Hydrating Water – ionized and pH balanced

Almost As Good As an Ionizer, except really affordable, Prills will lower the surface tension, raise the pH, and improve the ORP of the water you treat.

Lasting many years, these small beads create water that is wonderfully moisturizing, and is absorbed immediately so that every cell (be it human, animal or plant) is properly hydrated. This is the key to healing, and the maintenance of health.

Energize and structure your water to super-hydrate your body, pets and plants. Enhance your nutrient absorption and toxin elimination!

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Super-Hydrate Your Body with Energized, Life-Force Enhanced Prill Water

Treat Your Bath Water – Restore Your Skin’s Moisture

Enhance Your Nutrient Absorption and Toxin Elimination

Directions for Use

Wash the bag of Precious Prills before use, as you would with any fruit or vegetable.  Because Prill water detoxifies your body, it is advisable to start with small amounts, and build up to consuming 2-4 liters a day.  Drink & cook with it, bath in it, and feed it to pets & plants.