“Change the focus of your thoughts, and your life changes” – Mary Burmeister

We all know how much our mindset affects our state of health. When we constantly think negative thoughts our life energy sinks along with our mood. We literally drag ourselves down with worry and negative thinking.

However, when we think about loved ones, our mood suddenly brightens. We feel a warm sensation in our heart, although the person might not even be present. We feel positive physical responses to our positive thoughts and associations.

There are five attitudes and patterns of thought and feeling we repetitively engage in: worry, fear, anger, sadness, and pretense/trying – to. When we are trapped in any one of those attitudes is very hard to free ourselves from it.

We know conscious breathing can help us to relax and break the cycle of anxiety. What if we could see the same results or even more specific relief just by holding our own hand?

A valuable tool for acknowledging and releasing negative thoughts is the practice of Jin Shin Jyutsu, an art of self-healing. Jin Shin hand

This simple but effective practice can provide relief for many stresses and anxieties we face each day. It’s amazing that by only holding your own hand, you can short-circuit cycles of worry, fear, anger, sadness, and stress.

Let’s look at the specific stressors addressed by focusing on each finger of your hand.

1. Holding the thumb harmonizes worry and overthinking. Worry pulls us away from the present. Yesterday is already long gone, Jin Shin Handso we can’t do anything to change it. Tomorrow is not here yet. All we have is NOW!

2. Holding the index finger harmonizes fear and allows us to stay in the flow. Holding it helps us to let go of fears, uncertainties, perfectionism, and shyness. It supports kidney and bladder function, energy, and our will to live.

3. Holding the middle finger harmonizes anger. Anger is bottled up creative energy and is associated with situations where things don’t go our way. Holding the middle finger calms you down and simultaneously protects your liver and gallbladder.

4. Holding the ring finger harmonizes sadness and can help you to let go. Whether old clothes or a friendship that’s no longer right for you, letting go is very important. Holding this finger helps people who cannot grieve or cry. Disappointment, feelings of guilt and negative thoughts can also be harmonized by holding your ring finger.

5. Holding the little finger harmonizes pretense/trying – to, bringing joy into your life. If a person doesn’t love his work it takes a lot of effort and strain to carry out. Too much trying-to causes stress, which is hot energy you don’t need. It’s the same drain that pretending can cause. For example we laugh on the outside even though we are crying inside. Holding a little finger allows us to live from the heart and be faithful to our own truth.

We encourage you to take just a few minutes to try this practice. Try experimenting with the process while laying or sitting. In fact, try it any time you have free hands. You will likely find it is more powerful than you think.

Post your comments and let us know your experiences!

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