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Appointment Rates 

Below are the appointment rates for our clinician, Dr. Janiece C. Andrews (billed in advance of the appointment)  

Janiece C. Andrews, M.D. (Integrative Medicine Academy for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner) 

New Patient Appointment: $800 

  • Includes a 120-minute appointment 

  • Comprehensive review of your history, current and past medical concerns 

  • Initial lab recommendations are discussed and some basic recommendations are given 

  • Initial appointments are in-person or via video. 

  • Follow-up appointments are in person or video.   

  • Please see office procedures for full details on our consultative practice model. 


Consultation: $400 

  • 60-minute in-person or via video   

  • Includes evaluation for medications and any necessary medication management 

  • Patient summary and collaborative treatment plan 

  • Further testing recommendations if necessary and follow-up recommendations 



Functional Psychiatry Follow-ups:  

Dr. Andrews offers 60-minute follow-up appointments at the beginning of your treatment: 

Includes - 

  • Comprehensive review of your nutritional needs from a functional medicine point of view 

  • Review of systems biology, biochemical pathways, personalized nutrition, and recommendations for appropriate functional nutritional needs (may include dietary, lifestyle and labs interventions and appropriate referral when necessary) 

  • Established patients may also schedule 30 min appointments at the following rates. 

$400 – 60-min video or in-person appointment. 

$200 – 30-min  video or in-person appointment. 

  • Any time spent over the scheduled time will be billed at 15 min prorated increments. 


Contact us at (717) 303-0505. We are located at 355 N 21st Street, Camp Hill, PA 17011 

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